Erasmus Switch Project

About Switch

We are delighted to have received European funding to run an exciting and intensive staff development programme with two partner schools. Our partners are ITE Tambosi-Battisti School in Trento, Italy and Institut Puig Castellar in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, Barcelona, Spain.

The project is intended to enable the staff involved to teach basic skills or key competencies in new, engaging and inspiring ways. This will result in many more students gaining basic skills qualifications that they need in order to progress into higher level vocational education and training (VET) programmes or employment.

  • To enhance the quality of teaching and learning in the VET curriculum
  • To create a model of collaborative staff development, working with local, regional, national and international organisations. This will be done by working together to develop innovative methods of delivery ( e.g. an eGuide to staff development, TEDx talks, and Teachmeets)
  • Enable the effective delivery and assessment of Key Competencies ( basic skills, transversal skills, digital skills and entrepreneurship skills) within the VET curriculum.
  • To establish a culture of learners who can work with teachers to develop and assess new learning resources to assist in teaching of Key Competencies
  • To foster partnerships with local schools, employers and career agencies in the delivery of project activities
  • To make explicit the outcomes, activities and outputs of the project through effective dissemination.
This project is innovative in that we will be using it as the basis of a 3 year Transformative Staff Development Programme and this will be linked to the group work tasks and virtual activities which we will carry out with our partners. The project will involve learning, teaching and training events in the UK, Spain and Italy, including work shadowing, attendance at TeachMeets, visits to employers and student focus groups. This project will draw on academically robust educational theories and practices and will result in the production of the following:
  • A resource bank to support the teaching of Key Competences
  • An eGuide for Staff Development
  • The investigation of development of an "App" for Staff Development
  • An evaluative learner voice blog


ITE Tambosi-Battisti

Institut Puig Castellar

Halesowen College



SWITCH Project E6 Event - Castellar Teachmeet

SWITCH Project - C6 Event at Puig Castellar

SWITCH Project - M4 Event at Puig Castellar

SWITCH Project - C9 Event at Puig Castellar

SWITCH Project - E9 Event at Puig Castellar

SWITCH Project - C4 Event at Halesowen College

SWITCH Project - E7 Event at Halesowen College

SWITCH Project - E1 Event at Halesowen College

SWITCH Project - C1 Event at Halesowen College

Halesowen College TeachMeet - Employability Skills

SWITCH Project - M3 Event at Tambosi Battisti

SWITCH Project - M7 Event at ITE Tambosi

SWITCH Project - C8 Event at ITE Tambosi


Mary Higgins
Project Director 0121 602 7602

Jamie Morgan-Green
Project Manager 0121 602 7516